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Niko Reingold


"Teaching in Thailand was one of the best decisions I could have made after finishing university. 

It gave me experiences I couldn't have imagined back home. 

From the sightseeing to the unpredictable things kids do, there is plenty of good times to be had.


The experience has allowed me to be independent while still keeping a safety net with Teachers for Thailand and their excellent support.


I recommend this to anyone looking for something new and exciting."



Casey Hay


"I had a wonderful experience teaching in Thailand thanks to Teachers For Thailand.

The agency set me up with a fantastic school outside of Bangkok. The community was warm and welcoming.

My arrival and living space was set up by the agency as well to make the move easy and stress free. I still keep in touch with my co-teachers and students today and miss them terribly!


Thanks again 'Teachers for Thailand' for this amazing opportunity!"



Robbie Heslop


"One of - if not - the best companies I have worked for in Thailand, I would both recommend for people who are looking and those who have worked with them wanting to return. Both Charlie and Ploy gave excellent communication with you and were helpful with everything. If you needed a company where you can easily feel like you can trust, then I highly recommend you choose this agency."


Graham Rubin


"I worked for Teachers for Thailand and they were always incredibly fair and exceptionally helpful.


They provided all the support I needed and always paid on time. They’re good people who will take great care of you during your time working in Thailand."



Dylan Johnston 

“After finishing my TEFL course I quickly connected with Charlie at Teachers for Thailand. During a short phone interview I got to know him as a friend and before I knew it we were discussing where in Thailand I would be happiest. He recommended schools based on my personality and within days of finishing my program I had landed a job in Chachoengsao- it couldn't have been easier!


Throughout my stay in Thailand, They remained on call all hours of the day. It is truly a family business that will surely make you feel comfortable in your new home and confident on your first day in the classroom.


Charlie and Ploy guided me through the technicalities of teaching abroad and allowed me to get the most out of my experience. They work with great schools and support their staff treating you as a friend not an employee.

If you are thinking about teaching in Thailand for the first time or continuing your career then look no further.”



Thomas Johnson


"I have found working with Teachers for Thailand an extremely positive experience. Ploy and Charlie are always available to assist with any problems you may encounter and are always there to offer any assistance, guidance and advice you may require.


I would recommend Teachers for Thailand to anybody looking to teach English in Thailand. I have enjoyed working with them to such a degree that I have signed up for another semester with them, allowing me to continue with this positive relationship and experience."