internship program

Our program

Our internship program with 250 hour in-class TEFL.


We offer a package of the following.

1. salary 23,000thb

2. End of term bonus

3. Free housing ( excluding bills ), housing will not be shared and will come with A/C, and WiFi 

4. Correct visa for arrival

5. Paid for work permit

6. Paid Thailand Police clearance check

7. Orientation at a hotel, with Thai cultural course, basic Thai, and classroom management seminars. 

Also question and answer sessions with current teachers.


You will work full time at a school gaining both experience and an in house TEFL qualification. 

This would involve completing classroom observations, lesson plans, and creating a blog. 


The main difference going through the internship offers is that you are given more slack and the school

understands this is a learning curve. It also takes all the worries out of the process. As you are taken care of from step one to the finishing line. You will be on a full salary and have your accommodation taken care of.




1. You must be a native English speaker from USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

2. You must have a bachelor degree in any field (Work permit requirement)



Job description 

Working days will be Monday to Friday. 

Hours can vary from school to school. But most schools work from 7:30-4:30. Although some schools start a little later and finish earlier. Some schools will offer free lunch also. 


Your actual job will be to teach basic English to students in private and public schools. This will be done from a book and is to an easy standard. You will be given guidance and have support from our team to make sure you feel comfortable in your classroom. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed, and there is always spare time to make sure your marking and classroom preparation is up to speed. Although you are at school all day. You won’t teach more than 22 periods in a week. When you are not teaching you can relax in the teacher's room. 


The accommodation will be private and you will have WiFi, Air Con, private bathroom.

You also will receive 

1. Airport pick up

2. Delivery to a new area, and school

3. 24/7 support from native staff

4. Sick pay

5. Paid public holidays 


None of our schools are in rural areas. So you do not need to worry about activities to do in your spare time. All schools have A/C, WiFi. Teachers will not be alone at any school or area. And will be fully oriented with the area that they are teaching in. 


If you are interested in the internship program please contact